john muir pta

The John Muir PTA serves as a common meeting point for parents, teachers, staff, and the principal.  It meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of the month, from 6:00-7:30 pm in the John Muir Library.  During the meetings, there is child care in the cafeteria and dinner for the adults in the library and kids in the cafeteria (all paid for by the PTA).

The PTA organizes and sponsors many activities, such as May Fair, the Book Fair, Beach Day and IntraMuirals classes including dance, cooking, physical education, wire art, chess and Sarah's Science. The PTA also raises money to be used on a variety of projects. The John Muir PTA is affiliated with  

2017-2018 pta officers

President--Jessica Evans,
Vice President--Kristin Weinberger,
Vice President--Rebecca Novick,
Vice President--Gino Segre,
Vice President--Kevin Chang,
Treasurer--Cecilie Rose,
Secretary--Ayako Couillard,
Communications--Peter Butler,
Historian--Susan Snyder,
Auditor--Helen Reese,
Principal--Audrey Amos,


The PTA is always looking for volunteers. Here's your chance to roll up your sleeves and make a difference at your child's school. Some jobs are very small and last only a few hours, and some require a longer commitment. To learn more, please contact PTA President Jessica Evans,

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities: 

Class Parent (throughout the entire school year)
IntraMUIRals (entire school year)
School Tour Guides (mostly Nov. through Feb.)
John Muir School Website Updates (no tech experience required)
Grizzly Resource Room helpers (entire school year)
Creek Clean-up (spot volunteer opportunities)
Back to School Night BBQ (Sept.)
Cal Parking (Sept. to Nov. during Cal Football season)
Walk-a-Thon (October)
Book Fair (December)
Legends Lunch (springtime)
Art Auction (March)
May Fair (May)
Grizzly Day (June - last day of school)

The PTA sponsors enrichment classes to provide opportunities for students to strengthen school connections and explore additional interests after school hours. These classes are held at school, immediately after the regular school day ends. Your child can still participate in them even if they are enrolled in BEARS or Kids in Motion. They are convenient and also very affordable.  Some of the classes offered include: ceramics, chess, math club, soccer and cooking.