At every Berkeley elementary school this year, the BUSD is launching Mock Newbery Book Clubs, dedicated to instilling, stabilizing and exalting students' identity as readers and thinkers. Each elementary school is inviting 4th and/or 5th grade students to join. A successful BPSF Friends & Family Grant of $1,490 helped provide books for our readers.

The Newbery Award is the premier literary award in the United States. Our Berkeley students are buzzing with excitement as they participate in their own book clubs modeled after the Newbery Committee. The Mock Newbery Book Club, focused around debating and choosing the best book of the year, celebrates students' voices and encourages them to develop and share their own opinions about the books they read.

The results are in and the John Muir students selected Ghost by Jason Reynolds as the winner of the Mock Newbery Book Award.  Honors also went to Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier and Last Fifth Grade of Emerson by Laura Shovan.  Click here to learn more about the Mock Newbery Book Club from the BUSD website.

Video & Slide Show by Mr. Steven Healey, Librarian, John Muir/Marian Altman Library